Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Tree Is a Good Image To Work With

Pathways 1
2005 - mixed media, 48" x 48"

This image represents the culmination of my graduate studies. From 2003-2005 I made the transition from working digitally in the commercial realm to finding my “voice” as a mixed media fine artist. It was a time of discovery as I experimented with different methods and materials and learned that humans have an innate need for physical experiences, especially in relation to the natural world. In this work, I explored the ideas of place, perception, memory and longing – using the visual vocabulary I developed in earlier pieces. The tree is a good image to work with – by its very nature of being rooted to the ground it exemplifies a physical connection with the landscape. Additionally, its reaching branches resemble the nerve endings that make up the biological system of our senses and act as our window of awareness. This particular image was achieved by solarizing the negative – the shifting of positive and negative tones creates a rich linear texture within the image itself. The image was printed in sections with archival pigment inkjet and mounted on sixteen 12” panels. Each tile was coated with encaustic medium (bees wax and resin). I then rubbed oil paint into lines I inscribed in the encaustic surface. The overall all result is a sensual, multi-layered evocative image.

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